September 28, 2020

Why To Use Herbal Products For Best Results?

Herbal and botanical extracts helps in giving radiant glow and helps in bringing goodness. The Khadi products are developed with ancient Ayurveda ingredients and formulations. These products helps in internal healing, gentle on skin and are free of chemicals. Our products at Manav Khadi Herbal are natural and chemical free.

Help Cleanse the System with Natural Ingredients

The natural hair and skincare products helps in cleansing the system from within. Our products have rich Ayurvedic recipe infused with natural products which helps in promoting natural care. The Khadi natural products helps in nourishing the hair and promote growth by strengthening the roots.

We have wide range of natural products which includes botanical and herbal extracts. These herbs have healing properties which helps in eliminating the toxins and help in bringing a natural glow to the skin. The natural soap bars are gentle and cleanse our body while firming it.

Pure Herbal Products are Chemical Free

All our products including shampoo, face wash, oil, conditioners, soap bars etc. are made from 100% natural products. The regular use of Aloe Vera Face wash helps in cleansing the face and give it a natural glow. It is rich in anti-oxidants which helps in protecting the skin.

• Aloe vera is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins which helps in promoting radiant and beautiful skin.
• There are polyphenols in the aloe vera which have antibacterial properties that help in eliminating harmful bacteria.
• Neem is another powerful bactericidal which helps in preventing acne breakdown and cleanse the skin.
• The use of herbal extracts have no side effect on the skin and helps in radiant and glowing skin.

Eco-friendly and Safe Cosmetics

AtManav Khadi Herbal we make sure each of our products are tested for their purity and their efficiency. Each of the cosmetic products at Khadi natural products are eco-friendly and helps in promoting natural health and immunity.

We have many products made of extracts like aloe vera, sandalwood, amla, neem etc. Our aloe Vera Face wash with neem extracts helps in gently cleansing the skin and prevents it from toxins. It gently wipes off the bacteria from skin and hence prevent acne and pimples.

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