November 28, 2020

Why To Use Herbal And Natural Ingredient Enriched Products?

Herbal products are natural and free of toxic chemicals. It purified the skin from inside and helps in bringing that radiance and glow. Each of our product is hand made and from ancient Ayurvedic formulation. The herbal products helps with holistic wellbeing of mind, body, and overall health.

Chemical Free and Pure Herbal Formulation

Manav Khadi Herbal promises the power of Ayurvedic formulation and hence helps with healing. The products are all enriched with Ayurvedic formulation and all the ingredients used are natural. The Khadi herbal products are herbal formulation without use of harmful chemicals. The 100% natural ingredients help in wholesome health and care.

• All the products helps with deep cleansing and eliminating the toxins from the body. It helps in removal of pigments and microbes.
• The hair care products from Khadi helps in strengthening the hair from roots. It reduces hair fall and dandruff removal.
• The cream for dark spot shelps in reducing wrinkles, puffiness under the eyes and dark circles. It helps in relaxing the under eyes.
• The wholesome facial kits help in complete care of the face and gives that natural glow and radiance back.

Ancient Ayurvedic Recipes with Natural Ingredients

The regular cosmetics have a lot of chemicals which ultimately harms the skin. ManavKhadi Herbal uses all the natural ingredients which helps in formulation of the products. These products are suitable for all types of skin. We have wide range of products which are affordable and handcrafted.

Our range of Khadi herbal products starts from complete face care products to hair care products. All the products are enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants which helps in safeguarding and protecting the skin. It helps in cleansing from inside. It helps in helping with internal cleansing which shows on the outside.

Gentle and Affordable Range of Products

All the products are gentle and soothing to use. Each of the products made by use are 100% safe and organic and handcrafted. The cream for dark spots for example gives a relaxing effect and helps with under eye massage. It is always better to use gentle products rather than harsh and chemically enriched cosmetics.

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