December 17, 2020

Ayurvedic Hair Products From Ancient Times

The beautiful lock is a dream of everyone. Smooth and shiny hair makes your personality looks elegant and boosts your confidence. Our granny emphasized ayurvedic hair products from ancient times, knowing the importance it adds to your persona. If you look back, ancient India has always portrayed women with long and beautiful tresses. Amla, Ritha, Bhringraj, and Shikaki have been the primary ingredients for beautiful hair.

These components are still considered vital for hair health and nourishment. These herbs are soaked in oil to extract the essence of these products. Once they soaked all the essentials, they are blended over a slow fire and later strained to be applied to hair every night.

Why Manav Khadi Herbal

You must be wondering there is an ample no of players in the Ayurvedic market, so how we are unique. Let’s understand this in detail.

• No Chemicals – Our hair products do not include any animal fats or synthetic chemicals. They are entirely cruelty-free and non-toxic. Our products are not tested on animals and are made from natural fragrances.
• 100% Ayurvedic – We only use herbal products and confirm to the highest quality control standards. We are in line with the guidelines circulated by the respective authority making it 100% safe to use.
• Go Vocal for Local – We are inspired by our Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi and celebrate India’s rich heritage through our products. We source products from different parts of the country, ensuring corporate social responsibility.

We have a range of hair products, including Hair Cleanser, Hair Conditioner, and Hair Oil. All these are made from flower essences and 100% natural. We bring nature to your lap through our range of hair care and body care and skincare products.

You may have different hair types and problems. Like, coarse hair, thin hair, curly hair, split ends, receding hairline, or suffering from hair loss. Our varied range of hair care is a one-stop solution to all your hair needs. You may have rough hair that is difficult to manage at times, and you are not alone. Dry and dull hair makes your hair look brittle, and you are not left with many options with different hairstyles. Once you started using our hair care products with instructions as mentioned, you may see a magical effect, and your hair may look at its best.

The Last Word – You may have any hair type. We have a product to make your hair healthy and shiny. Our product nourishes your hair and keeps the natural oil intact. This makes your hair look beautiful naturally. Since they are made from nature’s product, it does not make your scalp itchy. We suggest you maintain a proper diet plan and avoid using excessive heating and styling, making your hair roots fragile. We provide customized, Ayurvedic products and formulated based on your hair type.

We are one of the most trusted ayurvedic online khadi herbal stores in India. Our products are based on the herbal formula used by Vaids (doctors) in good old times, which was designed with specific constitutes for various healing purposes and cures. We understand the power of Ayurveda and want to share the same with the rest of the world. Have you booked your hair therapy yet?

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