October 29, 2020

5 Things to Keep Your Skin’s Tone and PH Balanced (All Skin Types)

The natural care of your skin and body is as important as oxygen or food. The world is now covered with a layer of toxic elements which may not vanish sooner or later and getting allergies, infections, complexion issues, harmonic changes, etc in a human body become quite obvious. This is where online herbal stores in India come to rescue.

We all know about the valuable and natural products or harvests available. Whether it’s aloevera, lemon, tea tree, hibiscus, gu+

ava, or any other herb, we know how they are used and can be extremely beneficial. But how about having khadi body washes, gel and oils which make your job easy.

Khadi body wash, gels and oils can be purchased from any online herbal store in India. These products are extremely beneficial and leave a soothing and refreshing effect on your body that lasts long. These products don’t require any process of preparing anything beforehand. They are as easy to use as just apply and wash.

Out of the pile of highly promising natural and herbal products, finding the right one that actually works and suits your skin could be a tough task. Hence, to make it easy, here is a list of selected products which are great when it comes to your satisfaction.

1. Ayurvedic Kesar Body Massage

Kesar (Saffron) is a red colored herb which when mixed with liquids like milk or water creates a bright yellow color. This herb is a great source for complexion correction. It helps in lightening the skin tone and reduces blemishes from the skin. It also acts an antiseptic agent and works great for dry skin and healing wounds.

The Ayurvedic Kesar Body Massage Oil is a pure extraction of all the qualities of Kesar and helps you get the perfect tone for your skin.

2. Ayurvedic Lily-Jasmine Herbal Bath Oil

Lily and Jasmine are great source of moisturizing elements. They keep your skin hydrated for laung and relieves from issues like itching, rough skin, or skin tearing, etc which are usually caused due to dryness.

They also detoxify your skin and helps in skin renewal effectively. If you have a dry skin, Ayurvedic Lily-Jasmine Herbal Bath Oil can help you avoid toxins and rebuild new cells to keep your skin anti-aging.

3. Ayurvedic Haldi Chandan Ubtan

Haldi-Chandan is one of the most famous combinations which almost everybody is aware of. It lets you get rid of scars and uneven body tone. Haldi or Turmeric has anti inflammatory agents who keep your skin moist and glowing. Chandan or Sandal is a wood that has great qualities to lighten up your skin. It has a cool texture and keeps the skin from getting dried and attracts cuts and scars.

4.Ayurvedic Rose Sandal Body Massage Oil

People with oily skin should use rose Sandal oil as it maintains the pH level of the skin and removes excess oil as well. People with loose skin due to being excessive oily should massage with this oil to get rid of acne eczema, rashes and other skin related allergies.
5. Ayurvedic Lemon Body Gel

Lemon is a direct source of Vitamin C and abundantly filled with the same. It acts as an anti-oxident. It also helps you maintain a perfect blend of all essential things for your skin. The high pH level of Lemon can soak in excess oil and also works as an astringent.

Now as you have read a lot about the factors affecting your skin’s well being, it’s time to have a try your hands on the amazing range of Manav Khadi products. You’ll be amazed with the changes and betterment of your skin and body tone.

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