October 26, 2020

3 Best Ayurvedic Products to Boost your Immunity

Ayurveda has always blessed with its zero side-effect healing and khadi natural products have added additional efforts to make our lives better. Khadi is the most natural form of a garment which is made of purely hand-woven cotton.

Though Khadi is a type of cloth, it is also used to address ayurvedic products and is widely used across the global perigee. And Manav Khadi Herbal is a name that excels in delivering high-quality khadi products for all your skin and body needs.

The benefit of using khadi products lies in its natural ingredients. Khadi products are extremely safe to use and carry zero chemicals. Though it makes them a bit slow to show results, their results last for long and show no side effects.

There is a plethora of khadi and ayurvedic skin care products, which show great results to keep your skin and hair fit and strong. The natural ingredient of the same can be as follows:

1. Amla Powder:

Amla is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C and is a boon for any type of skin allergies of diseases. It also helps n digestion and improves metabolism and immunity.
Amla is the most natural blood purifier. Most of the skin allergies and disorders start from bad blood. The day to day life of an individual has become very hectic. We are living in a much polluted environment and our eating habits have gone wrong terrible. Amla powder helps us in purifying in our blood and bring the natural glow back on our skin.

2. Karela or Bitter Guard Powder:

Bitter guard is not a favourite of many because of its bitter taste and a different process of preparing it as a food. However, it carries a lot of benefits to strengthen our metabolism and boost our immunity.

The bitter guard carries calories as low as just 20 units. In return it manages an individual’s blood pressure, safeguards from serious illnesses like cancer, help you lose some weight and reduces the cholesterol.

The powdered form of Karela or bitter gourd can be stored well and consumed as a medicine to cure such problems. The biggest benefit of this powder like any other khadi product is it is free from any side effects and can be used by anyone in a limited quantity.

3. Mulethi Powder:

People who have tested the ayurvedic medicines earlier must be aware of Mulethi. Mulethi tree’s wood is a great medicine to cure cough and cold. It is naturally sweet and helps in proper respiration.

Mulethi powder also keeps your liver healthy and helps you digest food easily. It has insane medicinal powers to boost your immunity and cure bronchitis and asthma. It is beneficial to costume Mulethi as a solid stem or in powdered form.

These 3 ancient medicines help us boost our metabolism and is easily available. To but them online, you can visit here and place your order.

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